More than 26 million in the US alone are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. It is estimated that only 60% is diagnosed.

A Danish study reveals that patients with type 2 diabetes are overexposed to antibiotics before their diagnosis with type 2 diabetes. This may represent an increased demand for antibiotics from an increased risk of infections in patients with yet-undiagnosed diabetes, prediabetes, or manifest type 2 diabetes. However, the possibility that antibiotics exposure increases diabetes risk cannot be excluded. Even though this study is based on registered data and prescriptions, antibiotics used in agriculture is known to have an impact on human health and are related to several disorders and diseases.

(source: The Endocrine Society)

Diabetes can effect every part of the body, including the skin. Some of the conditions are bacterial infections, fungal infections and itching, which are conditions anyone can have. But also diabetes related conditions such as diabetic dermopathy, necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum, diabetic blisters and eruptive xanthonmatosis are common.

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