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Here we will soon provide the extensive clinical research and science about Vilact, Colostrum and related science.
Right now you can as proof see the Clinical Research and Science published about Colostrum by clicking on the link:
Currently there are more than 7.000 links in the American National Library of Medicine:


  • Pubmed are the most respected Clinical Science and Research related website in the world.
  • It resides under the Government of the USA.
  • Further more the science and research of Colostrum gives more than 1.350.000 results in Google and 100.000 videos in Google Videos and in general 631.000 references in books and scientific papers.

Direct Link with directors listings:

Consider the patented Lactoactive® as an API

Colostrum as an API (Active Product Ingredient) are Designed by Danish and European scientists.
Lactoactive® can add extra value to your product portfolio.

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